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Healthcare in ASEAN B2B Forum

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Le réseau des CCIFC en ASEAN vous propose un forum B2B virtuel (en anglais) sur le secteur de la santé en ASEAN le 9 octobre 2020.


Depuis plusieurs mois, la pandémie due au Covid-19 a largement restreint les voyages, annulant les réunions et opportunités de networking dans de nombreux secteurs d'activités.

Conscient de ces difficultés, le réseau des chambres de commerce françaises en ASEAN (Singapour, Malaisie, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodge et Thaïlande) se réunit pour vous proposer un forum B2B virtuel (en anglais) sur le secteur de la santé en ASEAN.

La demande en soin de santé augmente rapidement en ASEAN : vieillissement de la population, accès aux soins dans les zones isolées, défis particuliers à certaines maladies... Comment l'innovation dans le secteur de la santé peut contribuer à la compétitivité des entreprises dans un environnement en évolution constante? Ce forum virtuel est une excellente opportunité de partager ses réflexions et bonnes pratiques et de développer ses contacts au-delà du Cambodge.

Rejoignez les panels et rencontrez les participants à travers la plateforme dédiée aux B2B ! Plus de détails sur le programme ci-dessous.

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09 octobre 2020
13:30 - 14:00 Asean Market Sector Presentation : Business opportunities by the French Chamber of commerce from Cambodia- Singapore- Malaysia - Myanmar - Thailand - Vietnam.
14:00 - 14:45 Panel Discussion: Healthy ageing starts young : what impacts on businesses?


Healthy Ageing is a rising trend in Asia that promotes care and wellbeing from an early age. It initially starts by promoting healthy nutrition, but it then spreads out quickly to many different sectors such as cosmetic or healthcare. If everyone starts to live healthy lives from a young age, it will for sure have an important impact on the healthcare ecosystem
14:00 - 14:45 Panel Discussion : Rethinking training, human resources and business development at a regional scale

By Nadine BRUN and Karthy ONG, BioMérieux

The COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented and its impact are far-reaching, challenging the fundamentals of an organization’s core skills and competencies.

Agility, resilience and adaptability to keep to the pace of rapid customers and patients’ needs evolution are key elements to success.

It is of utmost importance that employees in the healthcare sector possess the necessary training on both technical and soft skills, accompanied with a comprehensive toolkit in order to support this global uncertainty.

The organization also needs to adopt and refine new ways of working, and embrace technology as the new normal.

Strong communication and innovative solutions to engage, motivate and “re-educate” all stakeholders from internal to external will ensure that the organization emerge from this global crisis stronger than ever before.

What is the vision of this topic from a diagnostics company? Are there any particularities in the healthcare sector?
14:45 - 15:30 Panel discussion : Driving a global standard for return to work and travel in a post COVID-19 world

By Olivier LO, INTERNATIONAL SOS and Dorjee SUN, AOK Pass

As COVID-19 restrictions are gradually lifted, businesses are required to comply with strict government health and safety requirements in order to resume trade.
These requirements continue to change as COVID-19 related medical science, regulations and best practice evolve, adding to the significant time and cost for compliance.
There is an intelligent and secure solution, which enables your business to develop a safe and efficient path to commercial recovery and organisational resilience, readily adapting to new requirements as they arise.
Join us for a fireside chat with Dorjee Sun, Co-founder of AOKpass - a platform and mobile application using leading-edge blockchain technology to enable users to securely verify their health status with third-parties, while preserving the privacy of their underlying personal health data.
The session will be moderated by Dr Olivier Lo, Group Medical Director of International SOS.
14:45 - 15:30 Panel Discussion : Innovations in healthcare infrastructures - Shifting from Current Hospitals to the Hospital of the Future : Outsourced services, role of insurance companies, costs and opportunities


The discussion will encompass the following components : Role of Payors , Regulators, Returning Autonomy to Patients ( Patients of the Future), Efficiency / IOT and Transparency in healthcare delivery, and a proposed model of the hospitals of the future.
15:30 - 17:30 B2B Meetings on a dedicated platform for One-on-One session
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