Corporate social responsibility

Category details :

This award will recognise a company that has made a transformation to improve the social conditions (quality of life/working conditions of employees, social inclusion, changing end-user behaviour, etc.) of its business. Companies offering products/services that address these issues are also encouraged to apply. Applications should present significant, tangible and verifiable evidence.


Judging criteria :

  • Project fundamentals
  • Quality and innovation
  • Scope of the project
  • Impact (current and expected)
  • Long-term sustainability
  • Overall commitment to the accountability objective
  • Presentation and editorial quality of the application


Additional information :

After completing all mandatory sections of the form, please feel free to send us any additional information or pictures you think relevant to support your application. For instance, it can take the form of a press book. 

Please only submit concise and comprehensive information ideally over a period of 3 years (hyperlinks will not be accepted). Your submission will be presented to the Jury unaltered : please submit carefully prepared documents (we suggest you combine/edit/expand the publicity brochures you already use.)

Please send any additional information and your company logo in high resolution with a transparent background to the following email address :

Please prepare a summary of your activities (700 characters maximum) and why you think your company should win the award with clear explanations of the overall activity and measurable results (1000 characters maximum) before starting the form.



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