Market analysis and research

Market analysis

We are also able to answer specific research questions by conducting a market analysis. This includes:

Identification of the mission with the client so that we can fully understand the nature of your business, the products or services you offer, and the precise information you hope to gain from the market analysis.

Putting a research plan in place. Our team develops a detailed plan that will enable us to obtain the required information. Research methods may include press reviews, public documents, contacts with our members and network within the public sector, or physical site visits. We finalise the proposal with the client, incorporating any suggestions you may provide.

Implementation of the research plan. We carry out the approved plan and provide a clear and detailed report presenting the information obtained. We will be happy to answer any questions or agree on further research activities if required.



"We have learned more in 4 months than in 4 years!

At Volvo, we have been impressed with the level of service provided by the European Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia as we seek to expand our business in the country. Their market research services were of a very high standard - we were particularly pleased with EuroCham's ability to draw on their extensive network to obtain actionable data and information on a complex sector. EuroCham also provided valuable support during our follow-up trip to Cambodia, helping us to identify opportunities and gain access to senior decision-makers. EuroCham's staff demonstrated a solid understanding of our needs while being very organised and always acting with diligence and professionalism. I would be happy to recommend their services to any company seeking assistance in Cambodia."

Mr. Jérome Texier, General Manager (Cambodia and Myanmar), Volvo Group in Thailand


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